You have a product or service and of course you want to Haiti B2B List sell it. But (potential) customers want to know: why is your product/service of added value? What problem does it solve for them? And why will it improve their lives? You have to position yourself in that customer’s story in the right way. Developing a clear message is therefore Haiti B2B List essential. The way in which you write and speak about a product or service is of decisive importance for Haiti B2B List customers to make a purchase.

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This insight forms Haiti B2B List the basis of the so -called Story Brand formula . By using 7 universal story priWith language you can (re)write your past and future, and build or tear down a world. Know Haiti B2B List what you say reveals the hidden power of different dimensions within language and communication. By reading this book, you learn what you really say, how Haiti B2B List certain situations come across to you and the role that language plays in this. But also how you use Haiti B2B List language to come up with new ideas, to inspire, to convince, to decide and to create a new reality with a fresh look.

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Maya van Dordrecht on LinkedIn about the book: “It is a very Haiti B2B List accessible and readable book with small illustrations. A really enjoyable read and with a touch of humor which I really appreciate. What I find particularly Haiti B2B List special is that the origin and meaning of words is discussed. Because what do you actually say based on the original meaning of words.” nciples you create effective messages that you can use on websites, presentations Haiti B2B List and social media channels.

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