Digital marketing has become an important part of brand strategies. This has been translated into different platforms. From web pages, e-mail or social networks. The objective is to have an effective means to reach audiences and reinforce engagement . Although, particularly, if you act through mostly used channels. Such as facebook, you could obtain a greater advantage. Currently, the use of social media is fundamental, it is already a necessity to. Generate new interaction options between users and brands. According to a study by social media examiner, 89 percent. Of digital marketers believe that it increases brand exposure. And 75 percent report an increase in traffic to their websites. However, acting on social networks means performing and offering quality content. According to we are content,34 percent of companies this represents .A primary key to properly manage a facebook page. In this way.

Digital Marketing Has Become A Part

Doing a Social Media report, especially Facebook, is essential to know how many followers follow you and why they do it, in addition to knowing the Buy Peru WhatsApp Numbers format with the highest rate of shares or places on the page where they click the  most. These are the ones you have to take into Account Community Knowing the number of fans you have, knowing how many are new and how they were obtained, as well as being aware of the fans that were lost and why is essential to know what works and dictate what should be discarded. From your content strategy, a promotion, Facebook Ads, its quality or the frequency of publication, you will be able to understand your community. source of your fans Facebook Insights tells you exactly where new Likes are coming from. That is, it can be from an advertisement, an invitation to “Like”, a mobile device or web pages,

Through Mostly Used Channels, Such as Facebook, You Could Obtain

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it will dictate a way to get to know your community better. Visits to the Facebook page The fact that you have a lot of referral traffic, like a newsletter, does not mean that it is related to the growth of your community or the engagement of it. Measure it constantly to know when you have drops or breaks. Scope Fundamental to know how many people are interacting with your content. Organic reach and paid reach dictate ways to act according to what is most shared by your company. Negative Comments As in any other segment, the content is not for everyone.

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