As the use of digital by companies and companies advances. Digital strategies are becoming more complex. This is for a reason: organizations seek immediate answers to the .Increasingly growing competition in different digital segments. In this way. digital marketing has made use of seo. Tactics, content on social networks or blogs or video marketing to highlight. However, as the market for this sector also has a wide variation and. Options that cater to different types of web users. It has become difficult to be one of the leaders in search engines. Particularly google who has intensified their penalty policies. According to stadista.

However, as the Market for This Sector Also Has a Wide Variation

Among the major search engines, google global market share at the beginning .Of the previous year was 89.06 percent. In this way it is vital to have a point of .Visibility on web pages to stand out digitally and .Adhere to user  weight loss email leads trends according to 3media.Users always spend about four words in a search engine when .Doing online research for its part, the importance of the .Content that is made could also make a difference. We are content indicates that when making content. 79 percent of it stands out on blogs or web pages. The above data shows that if exposure is a. Priority, it is time to make use of these elements. The problem comes when the strategies do not give results. The option for companies is to ‘cheat’ google and the other engines, through black hat seo.Perform fraudulent positioning practices.

According to Stadista, Among the Major Search Engines, Google’s

weight loss email leads

What practices would be classified as Black Hat ? Hiding texts, inserting an excessive number of keywords or having duplicate or misleading content available to users or that works to misinform is part of this type of technique. Within this bad practice, different misleading positioning techniques can be used: Covert content . Generally, it consists of showing the search engine

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