The football season has just ended. 18-year-old RJ Bates woke up telling his mother, “Football season is over. It’s time for you to go find a job. And I don’t want you to come home until you get one. RJ jumped out of bed and went to look. His first place? Pizza hut. After begging the manager for a job, he was hired as a delivery boy. And earning around $100 a day on tips, he felt like the king of the world. He became a store manager, eventually buying his Norway Phone Number List own restaurant at age 23. Then, in 2012, RJ’s niece was diagnosed with leukemia and her father died – a month before her baby was born. That’s when everything changed. Watch RJ’s Bates Carrot Cast RJ’s Unusual Real Estate Marketing Strategy Some are wholesalers Some people are in rehab… Some are tenants. RJ is everything his customers need him to be.

How Rj Decides Which Markets to Expand Into

At each track, he asks the question “How can we make money from this track? And that may seem like a selfish question to ask, but it’s actually one of the most selfless questions to ask. Because then, RJ doesn’t turn away customers because they Norway Phone Number need a specific service – he’s ready to help them with almost anything they need. Whether rehabilitation, wholesale, rental or even roofing. If someone needs help and has money to pay, then RJ takes the opportunity. Not, however, because it’s about transactions for him, but because he runs a business and his goal is to make money. According to him, there is a huge difference. “Aren’t we in business to make money, not to do business.

Once It Expands Into a New

Norway Phone Number List






You could close a thousand deals without making any money. All of RJ’s goals are based on profitability not number of deals. And the reason is simple: focusing on the number of transactions can quickly become a vanity metric. Profitability, on the Norway Phone Number List other hand, always leads to more money and a more successful business. Also, by trying to increase the profitability of each trade rather than just closing many deals, you can actually make more money with less work . You could, for example, earn $20,000 by making 3 trades, or you could make it in a single trade by

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