Attention brands! The influencers they hire are not always as effective as they seem. Some misrepresent the number of their followers. Over the Belgium B2B List last year, searches for. The term “Influencer marketing” on google have increased 325 percent. Which is in line with companies and platforms focused on serving the particular needs .Of this discipline. Figures from influencer marketing hub indicate that only. On instagram – one of the star platforms in this discipline . Investments in influencer marketing for 2018 would reach 1.7 billion dollars. Hence, a recently appeared account has turned on the. Red lights among the brands that operate in the mexican market. For denouncing the falsification of the real reach of the influencers. Derived from the purchase of followers.

Attention Brands! The Influencers They Hire Are Not Always

This is the Instagram account @mexicanfakeblogger that with 2,910 followers and 54 publications has denounced the alleged purchase of followers by renowned Mexican influencers and bloggers such as Pam Allier, Sofia Lascurain or The Belgium B2B List Double Denim Ari Camacho But this phenomenon is not exclusive to Mexico, but is repeated in other countries, as reported by The New York Times this weekend. The newspaper featured an investigation focused on the company Devaki , which has made millions of dollars selling fake accounts and followers to celebrities, politicians, businesses and anyone who wants to appear more popular on the Internet. The scope of such fake followers is such that Devaki has an inventory of at least 3.5 million fake accounts.

Among the Brands That Operate in the Mexican Market by

Belgium B2B List

Its success is mainly due to the fact that the price per follower is so low, the Times experienced a purchase of 25,000 Twitter followers for $225 , approximately one cent each. Once this was placed “on the table”, the medium exposed some of the most famous buyers of followers in an extensive list John Leguizamo (actor) Michael Dell (Dell CEO) Ray Lewis (football commentator) Louise Linton (wife of US Secretary of Commerce Steven Munching) Lenin Moreno (President of Ecuador) Lane Fox (Member of the UK Parliament and Twitter Council) For brands this means that the influencers they hire are not always as effective as Belgium B2B List they seem. Furthermore, for the law in New York, it is an illegal practice, according to Eric Schneiderman, the New York prosecutor.

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