Digital marketing on social media requires experience, creativity, and a working knowledge of the latest trends and current technologies.And while there are no shortcuts to more experience. There is a convenient way to stay up-to-date. On the latest marketing trends and get inspiration for. Creative campaigns. Keeping up with the latest digital. Marketing trends requires paying close. Attention to the information shared by “influencers” who have the time and knowledge. To discover new and effective techniques: those who are in the depths. Of the trenches day in and day out. We have compiled. The list of the best digital marketing experts and speakers. The main references that you must. Follow to grow your business or your personal brand. Marketing Geniuses Global Marketing Geniuses 1. Gary Vaynerchuk Gary is an expert in Digital Marketing, He owns Vayner Media ​, a company dedicated to the marketing of Fortune 500 companies,


and VaynerSpots dedicated to

the representation of Qatar Phone Number new sports stars. With more than 1,400,000 Subscribers on Youtube. 3,500,000 followers on Instagram and 1,800,000 on Twitter. Gary Vayne rchuk is a phenomenon in social networks, he has been an adviser to big celebrities and companies internationally for more than 10 years. As well as author of several bestsellers among them: Crush It! (in English) The Economy of Gratitude Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook #AskGaryVee crushing it! (in English) Gary Vaynerchuk 2. Neil Patel Neil Patel is the founder of Crazy Egg , Hello Bar , and KISSmetrics and a writer for many major publications including Inc., Entrepreneur, and Forbes.

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Entrepreneur Magazine called him

the number one salesperson in the world, and today he helps companies like HP, Amazon, and GM grow revenue from him. Needless to say, when it comes to digital marketing, Neil Patel knows how to help businesses get real, impactful results. Neil Patell 3.Guy Kawasaki Guy is the main evangelist for Canva and the author of 13 best-selling books. He is on the board of directors of the Wikimedia Foundation, a brand ambassador for Mercedes Benz USA, and an executive fellow at the Haas School of Business (UC Berkeley). A former Apple chief evangelist, Guy is an expert in innovation, entrepreneurship, social media, and marketing. Guy Kawasaki

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