The new amendment to the media law Brunei B2B List recently turned the marketing and communication country upside down. From July 1, influencers must adhere to a laundry list of regulations that focus on advertising. I explain what that means for your influencer collaboration in Brunei B2B List this article. New on Frankwatching GA4. The 5 Settings You Shouldn’t Forget 08:00 It’s also possible. 5 striking goals you can achieve with content ma An entire country on the blockchain? The Central Brunei B2B List African Republic has the scoop . Ma Want to grow your webshop and have your logistics in order?

A new legislation Brunei B2B List

It’s possible! ma These are the communication Brunei B2B List trends of 2022-2023 ma Recently, new legislation – as always happens with new legislation – caused a stir in the marketing and communication country. From July 1, major influencers – who Brunei B2B List have more than 500,000 followers or subscribers on social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and TikTok – will receive a package Brunei B2B List of stricter rules for sponsorships and advertising. This type of influencer such as Monica Brunei B2B List Geuze and Kelvin Boerma also comes under the supervision of the Media Authority, which, for example, also Brunei B2B List supervises major streaming services such as Netflix and Videoland. At TEAM Brunei B2B List LEWIS we regularly work with (big) influencers.

Brunei B2B List

Especially for young people  Brunei B2B List


For many brands, they are a Brunei B2B List direct channel to the right audience, making them the holy grail for promotion. This legislation obviously has an influence Brunei B2B List on that. So it’s time to put things in order. In this article I explain why the new Brunei B2B List regulations are being introduced, what exactly is changing, and how this can affect your influencer strategy.

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