After receiving Venezuela Phone Number the activation email, please login to your admin email URL:

For example:



After entering the username and password, it will enter the page as follows:



The page will appear as below. Next, to go to the create a new account page, click

Fungi – menu functions to watch out for in google mail.
a. User Account : Your Administrator Information, including to change the administrator password
b. Create New Account : To create an email address (email account)

Here’s how to create an email address:

a. Please fill in the first and last name of the email owner.
b. Then fill in the email username.
c. Click on set password to enter the desired password.


After the email is created, please login to check your email via the URL:

For example:


Enter the user and password that have been created and please use. After that it will login with webmail display will be like this:

Now you can try to send or receive email. Good luck!

Venezuela Phone Number

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