It’s time to do some very important work in the way of consumer research. As I mentioned before, this entails understanding the socioeconomic, geographic, and internal makeup of your ideal customers. Here’s how to find that information. Consumer Surveys There is absolutely no better way to understand. Your ideal customer than to ask (primary research) the people who will actually buy your product. Going back to the women’s active clothing and apparel example, you might start with relevant online forums,

There is absolutely no better

Facebook Groups, Slack channels, social media channels, or even people in your direct network. As with most research, start in your favorite search engine: Screenshot Sweden Phone Number of google search results for “women Join as many relevant groups or forums as you can, and ask each admin if they might be willing to share your survey. There are lots of free tools you can use to conduct customer surveys, such as Google Forms and TypeForm (which are particularly helpful if you have an engaged audience,

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Admin if they might be willing

such as an active email list or social following). Or, if you’d like to get the survey out to more people, you can pay for a service like Google Surveys, which also allows you to target specific user segments to get more specific insights.[*] Your survey should ask questions such as: age, location, income, favorite brands, favorite colors, where they shop, and where they typically buy clothing. The more you can find out, the better! Consumer Reports Consumer reports will help to supplement all the primary research

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