As a brand, it is important to make clear China B2B List agreements in advance about the campaign. This is not something that will change because of the new rules, brands used to do this too. You record the agreements made in advance in the contract, so that it is clear to both parties what China B2B List the agreements are. Provide a good briefing. As a brand, you usually provide the influencer with a briefing. You can use this briefing to indicate that the influencer must clearly communicate that it is a paid China B2B List collaboration.

 What the new rules China B2B List 

If you do not state this clearly, the influencer risks a fine China B2B List and people can file a complaint with the Advertising Code Committee. The amount of these fines is still unknown. For now, the regulations only apply to influencers with a reach of more than half a China B2B List million, but reports from the supervisory board show that it may later also apply to smaller influencers. Perhaps a reassurance. The supervisory board prefers to focus on education and information about what is China B2B List and is not acceptable when uploading commercial content, rather than immediately imposing fines.

China B2B List

Mean for your influencer China B2B List


But, in the end, it is up to us as China B2B List communication professionals to record things well and to provide a good briefing. This too is part of our job, to sometimes be the moral compass and sound the alarm. Not only to comply with legislation, but also to be China B2B List transparent in our work. With the right influencer match and message, you don’t have to be sneaky, it sells itself! Are you considering collaborating with influencers? Influencer marketing is being used more  China B2B List and more.

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