You can do this in many different ways. Sometimes it’s also Spain B2B List the little things. Successfully completed a project together? Celebrate your success and have a nice dinner together. Organize a ‘fit month’, in which you go together for a specific goal. Or go for a walk together if you see that someone is having a rough week and catch up while eating Spain B2B List a sandwich. Take the time to find out how someone is really doing. Attention is the key to success.” It has to be right in the base The conclusion of the research by Newcom is clear: “The difference in happiness at work can only be made if it Spain B2B List is fundamentally right.” They also make clear what that basis is in the pyramid of happiness at work.

It has to be Spain B2B List 

Dissatisfiers (such as terms of employment, work atmosphere) are the Spain B2B List basis here, and satisfactions (such as satisfaction, autonomy and recognition) make the difference. Research Newcom Work Happiness Pyramid Bron: Newcom How do you as an employee or organization view happiness at work? Do you Spain B2B List work on it and in what way? Let us know in the comments. Lay the foundation for an ambassadorship strategy Happiness at work also Spain B2B List influences the level of engagement.

Spain B2B List

Right in the base Spain B2B List

Happy colleagues are more likely to Spain B2B List share content about their company. Do you want to learn how to entice your employees to be active on LinkedIn? During this free knowledge session you will learn Spain B2B List how VodafoneZiggo does this. You will receive information about radical choices in content Spain B2B List marketing, internal campaigns and the LinkedIn Elevate system. View directly for free

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