Almost half of mobile users expect websites to load in two seconds or less, and the longer a page takes to load, the lower Germany Phone Number your engagement will be. Up to 40% will abandon a page that takes more than three seconds to load. So reduce the parts of your page, such as unnecessary graphics and scripts, that slow down load times.

It’s also important to remember that mobile users are up to twice as likely to share content as those on desktop. If your site has missing or hard-to-use social sharing buttons, you may be missing out on important engagement and reach opportunities. Make sure the content produced for your mobile site is ready to be shared on social platforms.

Don’t neglect app store optimization

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Much of the mobile experience can also be found in the App Store. Forty-two percent of mobile sales for the top 500 merchants were made through mobile apps. Around 60,000 apps are added to iTunes every month and 50,000 to Google Play.

To make your app stand out from this crowd, you need to focus primarily on user experience. Customers use apps because they want an easier way to access what your brand has to offer, so app design should always focus on the user.

The app should also be easy to find, which means full descriptions with relevant keywords are important. Like any other search engine, search functions in app stores should display the most useful content to users.

To help improve your rankings, monitor ratings, fix issues, and use the language users are likely to use when searching.

Seven Ways to Win in Mobile Search and Content in 2016

  1. To understand. Know what your customers are doing on mobile and what they will want to see on your site. Look at customer behavior on your existing mobile site and compare it to desktop and in-store behavior. Learn how the mobile site influences purchasing decisions and which pages mobile users visit most frequently. Use your buyer personas to further research what your visitors are likely to search for on your page.
  1. Target. Use this information to create a site layout that takes mobile user behavior into account. For many sites, this will mean highlighting information such as store hours, organizing content so it fits neatly into an accordion menu, or adding call buttons to that customers can easily get in touch with the brand.

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