In this article I have grouped what in my opinion are 6 books (both in English and Italian) very useful for anyone who wants to do branding. Each of the Training Directors Email Lists texts delves into different aspects of branding: from the narrative side, visual identity, positioning to reputation. Branding is essential to position yourself clearly in the minds of your users and stand out from the competition. In fact, among all the “parts” of marketing, branding plays one of the most important roles, without which all the other functions will be less effective or even useless. In fact, for example, advertising a product without a precise positioning capable of distinguishing itself from the others will be ineffective and in most cases not very sustainable in terms of costs / benefits. For this reason,reading these texts will be very useful for you.

 Branding. In Five and a Half Steps

Stories that enchant. The narrative side of the brand. By Andrea Fontana branding books – stories that enchant We live in an incessant flow of content and information. The universe of knowledge that we have built – and that we carry in Training Directors Email Lists our pockets – passes more and more through narrative formats and media. In this book Andrea Fontana analyzes the narrative side of branding, underlining its importance. “Stories that enchant” is a book about how brand, product and life stories can become distinctive. How the resonance we are able to create with others through stories can make a difference. Whether you are a CEO, a manager, an enthusiast or a professional who wants to improve your CV,

 Positioning. The Battle For Your Minds

Training Directors Email Lists

You will need to make your target participate in stories that can capture attention and leave you speechless. 2. Branding. In five and a half steps. By Michael Johnson books branding – branding. in five and a half steps Unlike the previous one, this book explores another fundamental trait of branding: visual identity.Michael Johnson is Training Directors Email Lists one of the most important graphic designers in the world and with his studio he has dealt with the visual identity of some of the major brands in circulation such as Virgin Atlantic, Think London, BFI, Christian Aid. In “Branding. In five and a half steps ”he introduces all his knowledge to create a complete guide for building a successful brand identity. 3. The positioning. The battle for your minds. By Al Ries and Jack Trout

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