The controversial creator of the mega upload service. Kim dotcom, is back to make two announcements. First, that he married on the sixth anniversary of .His arrest and sued the new zealand government for more than 6 billion dollars. The controversial creator of the mega upload service, kim dotcom. Is back to make two announcements, first, that he married on the sixth anniversary. Of his arrest and sued the new zealand government for more than 6 billion dollars. Kim dotcom, whose real name is kim schmitz, rose to international notoriety in Hong Kong B2B List the. 1990s when the www became popular. He is the creator of mega upload, a file-sharing service that ran from 2005 to 2012 and made kim a billionaire. The united states government accuses kim dotcom of fraud and. Money laundering for which,n

The Controversial Creator of the Mega upload

On the sixth anniversary of her arrest, “To turn a bad memory into a good one.” in addition, dotcom demands compensation from the new .Zealand government. According to reports from torren freak and the bbc, kim’s lawyers have already sued the Hong Kong B2B List authorities for .Up to 6.8 billion dollars. The businessman says that .The damages received are losses of business opportunities since 2012. Legal costs, loss of investments and reputation. Dotcom claims that under new zealand law infringement. Of car rights is not a crime. Kim dotcom has also joined the cryptocurrency .

The United States Government Accuses Kim

Hong Kong B2B List

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