Wise choices will naturally form a seemingly secular government. Take this US dispute over pregnancy termination as an example. Some religions do not allow their members to have abortions. Some religions believe. That abortions should be performed under certain circumstances. They adhere to different principles of action. How can believers Kenya Phone Number List of these religions live together in the same society? ? The simplest answer is this: together they must agree that religious beliefs are their own business and cannot be demanded from others. Therefore, the solution to the above conflict will not be that the government legislates that abortion is not allowed, nor that the government legislates

That abortion is required under certain circumstances,

But that the government guarantees that people have full freedom to suspend pregnancy. And people can follow their own beliefs. Make a conscientious choice. This is why religious reasons should not be the reasons for legislation or governance, because. Only then can people of different religious beliefs live in the same society and not kill each other. As long as a religion can agree that its own teachings only control its own members, and this control. Will not violate human autonomy (this is the line between religions and cults), society will accept. The believers of this religion as members. Secular rules are the greatest common divisor in religious conflict. In “Human Rights Are Not Imported”, the philosopher Chen Yaohua organized the process of drafting the

Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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There is a paragraph in which he introduced how the committee that drafted the bill discussed the description of people in Article 1 of the Declaration (p.62): They are endowed with reason and conscience There was once a version of this text: They are endowed by nature with reason and conscience But what is “nature”? Is it a meaningless pronoun, or is it God or a deity of another religion? Many committee members represented countries with religious backgrounds, unable to reach a consensus, and finally deleted the word and changed it to what it is today. There are few religious elements in the final version of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but this is not because most of the original drafters were atheists. On the contrary, this declaration, which has reduced religious meaning, is the result of a compromise by a group of religious countries. In the same way,

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