According to the latest accumulated report of media monitoring on the electoral pre-campaigns, from the ine. Meade monopolized 33.69 of the transmission time the candidate for the presidency of mexico. José antonio meade , became for a few minutes the India B2B List promoter of two brands .During a dialogue with militants of nueva alianza in acapulco. Guerrero. Junk food was the protagonist of the talk, so .The candidate confessed that he was a fan of chocoroles and chips potatoes . Mentioning both brands. I go into everything. I try to eat healthy. Varied and enough and no matter how much effort I make to make my diet based. On lettuce and chicken breast, it ends up being more like chocorroles.

Following the Precept That Bad Publicity Does

Marinated chips and recently chips fuego following the precept that bad publicity does not exist. Only publicity,the mention of both brands earned them free publicity in .The voice of one of the characters with the most media attention. In mexico today. According to India B2B List the latest accumulated report of media .Monitoring on the electoral pre-campaigns, from the national electoral. Institute (ine), josé antonio meade monopolized 33.69 percent of the. Transmission time (34 hours). Meade only has 12.46 percent of. Unfavorable mentions, according to the accumulated study carried out by unam that covers. .

In April of Last Year Something Similar Happened

India B2B List

which occupied 154 hours and 42 hours. minutes of transmission. Pena and Penafiel In April of last year, something similar happened with President Enrique Peña , who became Peñafiel ‘s brand ambassador ,after he said at a brand event that the India B2B List advertising of this drink has helped him position his image. I am proud to return to my land of Mexico to inaugurate this plant of the soft drink industry that is the soft drink of President Peña Nieto, Peña-fiel

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