As long as you continue to offer good service and products and/or respond adequately to any complaints or questions. . Consider whether you want to use (micro) influencers Influencers are people with a large presence and reach on social mia. Their audience, or followers, are inspir by their actions, des, and expressions and place a high value on this person’s opinion. When you use an influencer to promote your product, for example through a barter deal or against payment, this can give your brand a huge boost among his or her target group and bring you customers who have not bought from you before. It is also interesting to look at the possibilities of a micro-influencer.

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These generally have a smaller reach, but their engagement with your brand and interactivity are often much greater. In other words, quality takes precence over quantity. Are you already using the possibilities of social commerce? I’m curious about your experiences! The development Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number of Instagram does not stand still. We have seen so many innovations and improvements to this platform in recent times that we have collect and bundl the most interesting ones. So that you (and we) are fully aware of the latest possibilities. A number of nice updates for both your personal account and your company account.  Likes for Stories . Collaborate on a collab post.

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Instagram reminders . Simply turn your highlight into a Reel . Customize text on your link sticker . Add-yours, how does it work? . Likes for Stories Instagram Consumer Lead has roll out a new option: Private Story Likes. So, in addition to being able to respond to a Story via a private message or sticker, you can now also only respond with a like. Accept cookies Adam Mosseri says that the main reason for this update is to clean up the messages section. If you respond to a Story, both via a question sticker and via a quick response  or via ‘Send a message’, the poster will receive a message in the inbox.

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