The latter is still the case today. Also read: Why you shouldn’t underestimate Google Discover These are just a few examples of updates Google has roll out over the past year, and we expect more of these updates. Fortunately, as an SEO specialist you can proactively respond to the changes. I’ll be happy to explain how you can do that. How can you make an impact as an SEO specialist in ? There are several ways that SEO specialists can help businesses gain more visibility in the SERP. I explain ways: . Be visible locally Being locally visible is increasingly important. Local has also become increasingly important for the user during the corona crisis .

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You can be locally visible through a Google My Business profile, by creating local pages by region and by using quotes. Google Business Profile It is important to have a Australia Phone Number Google Business Profile. This way you can stand out within the local pack in the SERP. Make sure the profile is up to date at all times. A few tips: If you have multiple locations, it is important to create a Google Business Profile per location to be clearly visible per region. Make sure you actually enter your company name as company name. Google no longer appreciates you processing a keyword in this field.

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More value is plac on the exact use of your company or brand name. Reviews are increasingly important to gain trust (also from consumers). Focus on collecting reviews. This also makes you stand out in the local pack. You can add services and products in your Google Business Consumer Lead Profile listing . Do this! Show the user what kind of products you offer so that it is clear at a glance. If people are interest, they will click through to your website. This way you also ensure that the right target group ends up on your website. Share information and news items via posts to inform your target group as well as possible about promotions, news, or other information about your company.

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