Put fliers around at colleges, target students on Facebook/Instagram ads, offer educational discounts to people with .edu emails. Send startup founders/coworking spaces emails about offering a promotion. If they buy a backpack for each of their employees. Offer to stitch everyone’s individual name and the startup’s name on the backpack. Startups love chemistry-raising stuff like this. How personalized is all this stuff.

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Behavioral segmentation is awesome. CONCLUSION India Phone Number We’ve gone through a lot of information. But the bottom line is this. Behavioral segmentation is using your customers’ behavior.  It is an extremely powerful marketing strategy that allows you to create greatly personalized offers for your customers. It helps you retain your customers and allows you to understand your audience better.


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Thanks for reading. Hope you find this useful and can utilize behavioral segmentation in your business. If you want a worksheet that you can fill out now that will help you understand your customers better. And figure out super-personalized things you can do for your customers right now. Click the button below and get the Behavioral Segmentation Worksheet. Email marketing is performing worse and worse.

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