Merca2.0 interviewed the administrators of @mexicanfakeblogger. Which has denounced the alleged purchase of followers by mexican influencers. Investments destined for. Influencer marketing actions are growing like foam. In principle. The Mayotte B2B List same that reached the same credibility shown for experts, technicians or academics. Under this understanding, brands have found in influential people -without .Necessarily being celebrities- an optimal channel to optimize their communication efforts.

Given the Saturation of the Market and the

However, for brands to capitalize on this field of action has become a challenge where the lack of strategy in this regard begins to show the Mayotte B2B List first signs of wear in front of the consumer. Linqia estimates that 61 percent of users admit that they have unfollowed an influencer who promoted too many products, a figure that gains relevance when we consider that 53 percent of users assume that an influencer has been sold when mentioning a brand, even when this is not a reality. An important part of the matter is the fake followers that many influencers use to stay in the crosshairs of advertisers. “Fake followers are a credibility problem for marketing actors, I can’t think of a way to regulate it,

Regarding the way in which the profiles of influencers

Mayotte B2B List

Other than having tools to identify them,” recommends nicolas ovalle. Managing director and co-founder of spotlike. With this prelude context. At the Mayotte B2B List beginning of this year the. The purpose of the account is to do “What brands and agencies do .Not bother to do”, while denouncing that “‘bloggers’ and ‘influencers’ who sell smoke receive thousands .Of pesos when there is talent that nobody recognizes. The account began publishing on january 6 of .The current year. Merca2.0 got in touch with .The administrators of this account that has targeted important mexican influencers such as pam allier,sofia lascurain or the double denim (ari camacho).

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