This is a paid Mailchimp alternative that is just a bit more intuitive and therefore more user-friendly. The tool offers more different links (more on that later) and more options in the drag & drop itor to make your email easier, faster and better. Like customfonts, storing “reusable” parts (call “snippets” by Hellodialog), and a feback and NPS element. It is good to know that Hellodialog does not have a free version. You can read all about Hellodialog’s pricing later in this article. Screenshot of the Hellodialog tool. Extra options Hellodialog. Source: Hellodialog Screenshot of the Hellodialog tool. Interface Hellodialog. Mailcamp Mailcamp is broadly similar to Hello dialog.

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The tool gives a lot of freom in terms of support and design and has a beautiful, intuitive and user-friendly interface and drag & drop itor. Great Mailcamp options are: the availability of royalty-free photos, the extensive possibilities to it images, the ‘don’t rearrange columns on mobile’ option, and the Japan Phone Number option to hide elements on desktop or mobile. This way you can optimize your email content even better. Because an email that leads to good results on desktop screens may not work very well on mobile devices. For example, because the text is too long and the user has to scroll too far to reach the call-to-action (button). Screenshot of the Mailchimp alternative Minicamp.

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Not like Hellodialog, Mailcamp is not a free Mailcamp alternative. Although Mailchimp is not free if you want to use the more advanc features… Screenshot of Mailcamp. Interface Mailcamp. Pricing Laposta, Hellodialog & Mailcamp compar The prices of Laposta, Hellodialog and Consumer Lead Mailcamp are – like all other email tools – difficult to compare. That’s because the pricing is structur differently for each tool. You pay a package price and/or for the number of contacts and/or e-mail crits (with one crit you can send one e-mail to one contact). In addition, each tool also has different subscription types from which you can choose. I will first tell you something about the pricing and different options per tool and then compare them with each other.

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