Below I share examples with which I hope to stimulate your creativity and present ways that you can get start right away. . Membership cards The name alone sounds sexy: a membership card. Humans have a natural urge to belong. To feel lov. A membership card can help with this. This NFT strategy can work for any business. I am absolutely convinc of that. As a catering business you can offer unlimit free coffee to your ‘VIP members’. As a plumbing store you offer free installation of bathrooms to your ‘gold members’. Do you see what I do? I apply all those familiar marketing strategies that you already knew, but put them in a new guise. That’s how simple you can start. Use the knowlge you already have in a creative way for your company. This example is about creating exclusive customer experiences.

To The Competitor Brands

Offering services or discounts that people didn’t know they want. By offering them in a unique way as an exclusive item, you can always make people enthusiastic Greece Phone Number about these extra features. Let’s look at a practical example. Membership deals from website FlyFish Club Membership deals from website FlyFish Club Example: Flyfish Club Flyfish Club (FFC) will open its doors in . Found by Gary Vaynerchuk , among others, this NFT restaurant sold membership cards ne to get in at all. People can choose the ‘Flyish’ (FF) token, which gives you access to the events, outdoor lounge, cocktail lounge and main dining room. Do you have money to spare and want an even more exclusive experience.

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Then you buy the Flyfish Omakase (FFO) token. With this you can also visit the Omakase room, where sushi is serv by the best sushi master in America. You may Consumer Lead understand that that mix of curiosity and desires form the perfect foundation of this company. If you have the money, why don’t you just try the sushi in the Omakase room? What actually makes such a membership different from what companies could already offer? Well, that the NFT is a membership. That means that someone changes from a ‘member’ to a shareholder.

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