Instagram is probably the social network that has grown the most in the last two years. Much has to do with the large number of changes and functions that the platform has added. It is more than confirmed that social networks have become a fundamental factor for. The activity of various sectors , not only because it encourages user interaction. But also because it is a channel and tool for business, advertising and marketing. Instagram is probably the Ethiopia B2B List social network that has grown. The most in the last two years, at least that is what data provided by .The platform itself refer to, since from 2015 to 2017, it increased. The number of monthly active users by 400 million worldwide to reach a total .Of more than 800 million, and the forecast is still encouraging as. It is expected that in the first quarter of this 2018 it will reach one billion. Among the main reasons for this increase in user base.

The Ability to Send a Notification When

The large number of changes and functions that instagram has added to its platform stands out. According to social bakers , there are 5 that stand out: featured stories and archive; stories of more than 24 hours in length. Location stickers, hashtags and polls; stories ads; and video live and with friends. As we can see. The main ones are related to Ethiopia B2B List stories and, in fact. The new changes that are being tested from the social network (today part of facebook) that users probably like one a lot. The second maybe not so much. Now, instagram is testing stories in .Text (which are already available on whatsapp). This feature is called ‘type’ and it allows users to use a variety of fonts .To write their message on a background or photo as part of their story, according to a report on the next web. Instagram-type-stories-the next web image.

Instagram Would Be Looking to Provide a Better User

Ethiopia B2B List

According to wa betainfo, instagram is testing another feature for stories. The ability to send a notification when someone takes a screenshot of your story. This would work in. A similar way to the one you have active for direct messages and. In Ethiopia B2B List this case, a first screenshot will be allowed, but after a second shot, a notification will appear. To the user. Instagram-stories-screenshot-notification-wa betainfo image. Wa betainfo apparently, instagram would be looking to provide a better user experience and some security. To identify who takes an image of the content they share. It should be noted that stories is one of .The features that ‘common’ users, influencers and brands have liked the most, since it is estimated that more than 250 million active users view instagram stories every day.

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