Facebook’s recent moves make one thing clear. The company led by mark Zuckerberg seeks to grow its .Advertising business outside of its leading social network. The bet is on growing other assets within. Its portfolio as attractive platforms for advertisers. The intent becomes apparent with the latest instagram-related changes and releases. According to the company’s latest financial report.  The company’s earnings were 4 thousand 268 million dollars. This means that every hour that passes.

Instagram Advertising Revenue Will Go From a Projected

Facebook receives 5 million 939 thousand dollars for advertising. Growing these figures is a vital part of the expansion. Domain and business plan of the Turkey WhatsApp Number List great technology firm. In this line, understanding that the advertising business on facebook. (understood as a social network) is in a mature stage and of a certain saturation. The changes in instagram to sell it as an attractive window for advertisers are constant. Now, the proposal comes with an update to the stories feature. Where advertisers can post up to three pieces of content in a. Single ad within the feature. With this change.

Facebook’s Recent Moves Make One Thing Clear. The Company

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The change will begin rolling out gradually among some global companies starting today. To be specific, according to the statement sent by .The social network itself. Advertisers will be able to join the most popular trends in .Stories through three specific actions. Tell stories in sequence – publish short chapters that .Are easy to consume multimedia stories – mix photos and videos to. Add layers and depth to the story thematic groupings – display content from the same category in a story. Coca- cola is one of the first brands to test this new feature and .Has released a test ad that looks like this. If we compare the advertising revenue recorded by facebook and instagram. The difference is evident.

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