Safer and instant payments even without 2FA You can create an AirPlus Virtual Card online and configure it individually. You define both the type of card and the scope of your authorization. For example, specify a specific purpose for a one-time online purchase – and you already have a means of payment that is uniquely secure and therefore exempt from 2-factor authentication. Virtual crdit cards are therefore particularly practical for traveling employees, corporate buyers.

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Travel agencies or tour operators who make numerous bookings or purchases every day and can easily save themselves the ned Latest Mailing Database to enter a PIN. AirPlus surveyd a total of 424 top managers in Germany, the USA, China, Italy and France, including CEOs, heads of finance and sales.Our unique selling point is that we offer everything from a single source: advice, research, offers and booking – personal.

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Professional and uncomplicatd! Corporate customers also want long-term bookings of servicd apartments that are just as easy as booking Consumer Lead hotels. We creatd the technology for it. Short, mdium and long-term stays of several months can be bookd online with various rate structures. Depending on the length of stay, the rates are automatically adjustd. Additional services can be bookd ona daily or monthly basis.

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