In principle questions are relevant to determine how your hybrid works Why what do I want to achieve? What is the purpose of my task or assignment? How : how do I do the work? What agreements and processes are there? What do I work with, which tools, which apps and systems do I ne? Who : with whom do I work? In what shape? What are everyone’s nes, expectations and personal preferences? When do I do that work? On what day and what time? Where do I do that work is the last question. Moreover, the answer to it is mainly determine by the answers to the other questions. And you make those choices on three levels, namely: (a) individually, (b) per form of collaboration and (c) for the entire organization.

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I explain all three  Hybrid working for individual employees Hybrid working requires individual employees to have a clear view of their own work. It requires a critical look at the work itself, at the tools they use, at work processes and at the ‘load’ they place on resources and especially Belize Phone Number on their colleagues. It requires even more looking ahead, focus on the longer term, good planning and working ahead , and distinguishing between what is urgent and what is important, and much less ad hoc (together) work where you have to be able to quickly ask someone something before you continue yourself.

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Do you linger in the latter? Then you will have to go back to the office full time but then you come to the next ‘level Hybrid working for teams and (project) groups Consumer Lead Hybrid working requires forms of collaboration such as projects, teams and departments to regularly evaluate how they do their work together. Is a daily stand-up, on location or online, really the best way to keep each other inform about who is doing what or is there another way? Is the adage of agile working to deliver working products over good documentation in a hybrid or even fully remote working environment fully tenable.

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