Also consider developing fix formats that make it easier to produce an item. You must be aware of a number of dilemmas and questions: Freom-happy or control? Quality vs spontaneity? Quick & Dirty or comply with corporate guidelines? Do it yourself or outsource? Cost vs ROI? Who owns the content: the organization or the creator? Who is responsible for the output? What are the KPIs? practical steps Video communication is a matter of doing. But where do you start? . Where is the pinch? The first step is to determine what you want or ne to use video communication for. Where is the urgency? Is that recruitment? Sales? Customer service? PR? . Who do you want to reach? The next step is to identify the target groups and how to reach them.

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Think carefully about messaging and CTAs. . A good cause gives wings The third step is to identify a suitable trigger. Preferably one with a deadline. For example, a company event, the start of an advertising campaign or the launch of a new product. That keeps the momentum going in France Phone Number your project. Working towards a concrete end goal gives focus and urgency. Take a look in your content calendar for which topics you could use your video. . Make it concrete Step four is the development of a practical format that videos must comply with.

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Think of Corporate identity Tone of voice visual identity Length of the video Structure Which elements (intro, crits, music, logo, etc.) Where (e.g. on location or in a studio setting) How present (interview, roundtable, report, stand-up, presentation). Do you want to work with a professional Consumer Lead presenter or someone from the organization who would like to do it? And most importantly: who is responsible for the output and what are workable KPIs? . Arrange facilities Then it is the turn of arranging the facilities: choosing and setting up a recording location (that could be a recording studio), having scripts and music made, arranging iting, selecting and preparing socials mica channels.

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