Yes. As you read it. To improve your seo. It is important that you learn to optimize the url of your website.

If you think about it. It makes sense. This web address is the first thing the user sees as a result of search engines. Therefore. It greatly influences when the visitor opts -or not- for your page.

To optimize the seo of your page urls. You should:

bet on the ssl certificate
use. If possible. A top-level domain
include the keyword or keyword
use only lowercase
use english alphabet characters
avoid strange characters
separate the words with the use of hyphens
get short and readable urls
do not abuse the keyword
avoid keyword repetitions
use subfolders instead of subdomains
remove the stopwords
avoid duplication of content
next. We will delve into each of these recommendations.

What is a url?

The url is only the address -or text- that appears Honduras cell phone numbers in the browser when entering a web page.

Url is the acronym for uniform resource locator. This is a standard implemented way back in 1995 to replace ip addresses with more readable text for users.

Each url is made up of at least 4 elements.

To understand it. Let’s take a deeper look at the anatomy of a url -and. Therefore. Each part that you must take into account when optimizing them-.

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What is the structure of a url?
Let’s take a fictitious example to better understand what parts or elements you can find within a url.

We could distinguish up to 7 different parts: Let’s look in more depth at some recommendations related to the anatomy of a url that are very useful when it comes to optimizing the positioning of your website.

Web protocol: http or https?
Currently. There are two different types of protocols: http and https. While http is the basic protocol. Https is the security protocol .

The second is appropriate when it comes to protecting the personal data of users who visit a web page. Therefore. It gives more confidence to users.

The security protocol is the most indicated -especially for ecommerce-. This generates greater confidence among users and. Therefore. They are more likely to use it.

Subdomains are domain extensions that are used to organize different sections of a page. Therefore. They are not always present within a web page.

The most common is the one we saw in our fictitious url: “www”. However. You can add as many as you like by including a word or series of letters separated by a period before the domain.

in general. If you already have a website that uses the “www” subdomain. You can continue using it. However. If it is a newly created website. It is better to remove the subdomain so that the resulting url is shorter.

However. The use of one or the other does not have great implications.

Web domain: which one to choose?

Years ago. It was considered that including the keyword for which you are interested in positioning in the domain improved the seo of your page.

Currently. The effectiveness of this practice is not entirely clear.

Let’s see it more easily with an example.

Let’s say you want to set up a hairdressing salon in elche. Alicante. Well. Instead of choosing to register the domain with the name of your hairdresser. You could register

If you did this. It is likely that the engines would show your page as the first result when searching for “elche hairdresser”.

This is what is called “exact match domain”.

However. Not all positioning experts agree when it comes to affirming its effectiveness.

Tips and tricks to optimize a url

The top level domain is the extension of the domain. In general. Users trust top-level domains more.

In other words. Whenever possible. We advise you to opt for a .com instead of a .biz. .net. Etc.

It is true that the tld does not have a direct effect on the positioning.

However. By generating greater trust. It is more common for users to click on your page. And. Therefore. It will have a positive impact on your seo.

You can find out if your ideal domain is available in our domain search engine .

Why create subfolders?
Subfolders are categories of content found within a domain.


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