You can tailor your campaign to these phases and then present it well-found to your management. Model for behavior change . Evaluate your goal and learn After your campaign is over, it’s time to take stock. You can visualize the digital goals, such as the number of clicks and the session duration on your website. Compare these results with available benchmarks. Were the goals (too) ambitious or easy to achieve? Then look at the social impact and the results of your survey, for example. Determine five things that went well and five things that could be improv. As soon as you start doing a second campaign, you have even more tools at your disposal. Then you can compare your campaigns.

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Why, for example, did the Amazon rainforest clearing campaign outperform the anti-whaling campaign? Was there a difference in target audience? Does the subject UK Phone Number appeal to people more or less? With answers to these kinds of questions, you make your campaign and the results more concrete for the decision-makers in your organization. Also remember that it is a long-term process. So even if you are far from achieving your goals, or far too easily, the results will help you ask the right questions and get closer to the essence of your social campaigns. And ultimately to that one important goal, changing behavior.

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Do you have experience with measuring the impact of your social campaign, or do you have questions about this? Share your experience or leave your comment below Consumer Lead this article. Column – If Elon Musk becomes the owner of Twitter, he wants to get rid of the many spam bots and authenticate real people. While he is a strong proponent of free speech , these plans may actually limit the freom of speech of certain groups of people What’s up with that.

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