Two Questions: Does It Cost Me a Lot of Effort to Rescue These Files? You Should Prioritize Templates. Scripts. and Other Custom Documents That Would Be Hard to Retrieve. If Something Happens. Can the Web Recover Quickly? If Your Client Has an Ecommerce. Any Crash on Their Website Will Make Them Lose Money. in This Situation. the Ideal Would Be to Make Backup Copies Very Frequently. in Order to Restore Your Website More Quickly. Even If This Means Working with a Lot of Information at the Same Time. Decide Where You Are Going to Store Your Backups Once You Know Which Files You Are Interested in Storing for Each Client. You Must Choose the Site Where You Are Going to Store This Data. Our Recommendation Is That You Have

Three Backups of All Dominican Republic Phone Numbers   Your WordPress and Relevant Files from Each Client: the Active Information Hosted on Your WordPress Hosting. Whether It Is with Godaddy or Not. a Manual Copy That You Can Download and Save Locally. on a Hard Drive That You Have at Home. Storing Data Locally Is Cheap. but If You Want to Restore All Your Files by Uploading Them from This Backup You Will Have to Spend Time Completing the Process. an Automated and Remote Copy. as You Can Have in Microsoft Office Onedrive . Dropbox or Google Drive. Depending on the Product You Choose and the Amount of Data You Need to Save. This Method May Be Faster. but You Will Have to Assess the Costs Involved. by Having Three Copies of Each Project Under Your Control.

You Ensure The Peace

Of Mind That You Can Access the Problem and Fix It Immediately. No Matter What Happens on Your Client’s Computer or Your Own Laptop. It Is Interesting to Note That If You Make Too Many Copies and with a High Frequency. You Will End Up Having Thousands of Gb Saved. Which Can Generate High Costs for Your Business. Depending on the Product You Have Contracted. in Pro Sites You Have Daily Copies for Managed Websites as Standard. but If You Use Other Providers the Costs Can Skyrocket in an Instant. to Make the Most of the Storage Problems That Can Occur. Some Tools Like Pro Sites Let You Choose the Frequency in Which You Will Make Copies of Your Websites (From Monthly to the Moment You Enter the Menu). the Best Thing Is That You

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Adapt the Calendar to the Frequency with Which the Owner of the Website Updates the Published Content. for Example. If You Manage an Online Medium That Publishes Many Articles Every Day. the Best Solution Is to Make Copies Practically Live. While a Blog or a Website That Is Updated Less Frequently Will Arrive with Daily. Weekly or Even Monthly Copies. You Can Even Choose Different Periods for Different Places Where You Store the Information. Let’s Say You Want to Save a Daily Copy of a Database to Godaddy. but Other Files Like Published Content. Template. and Other Documents Are Saved Weekly to Dropbox. Pro Sites Makes It Easy to Do So. How to Manually Backup Multiple WordPress Now That You Know What Documents You Want to Save and Where You Are Going to Store Them.

You Have To Decide

When You Are Going to Use These Backups. You Have Two Options. Manual or Automatic. Manual Copies Are Perfect for an Individual Client. but It Is Not Recommended to Always Use Them If We Want to Completely Ensure That Your Clients’ Websites Will Be 100% Safe. Having to Always Make Manual Copies Is a Constant Challenge for Web Professionals. Since If They Forget to Make a Copy at a Specific Moment. They Can Have Real Headaches in the Future. Your Responsibility to Customers Is to Have Copies Saved So You Can Use Them. They Are the Ones Who Suffer the Consequences When Their Websites Do Not Work or Lose Relevant Data. Due to Not Having Enough Copies. One Option We Haven’t Discussed Is Making Manual Copies Using the Export Tool That Comes with WordPress. but This Method Has Several Drawbacks.

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