Rubbing temple because of headache Even the organizations with employees who would all prefer to go back to the office completely, have to scratch their heads whether that is wise for the longer term. Because your current team may want to, but people will eventually leave, and there is a good chance that new employees will want to work partly from home in due course. This poses the question to all organizations: how are we going to organize hybrid working? A great deal has been publish about this in the past one and a half to two years. Both scientifically substantiat and bas on practical experience at fully remote and last year temporarily hybrid operating organizations. Of course I participat in that myself.

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Experiment for the next months Last year I already announc the beginning of the hybrid era. In the end, that turn out to be a bit premature, because in September Algeria Phone Number and also last winter, relaxations of the corona measures were quickly revers. But now that everything is possible and allow again, my expectation is that this will certainly last until the end of the summer . Unless another new virus variant throws a spanner in the works, of course. In other words: from March to September we can fully experiment with and get us to all kinds of new forms of working and collaboration that we have recently devis under the heading of ‘hybrid working’. Great, captivating and exciting at the same time.

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Because none of us really have experience with this. And none of them — I’m just going to give it away — do we have Columbus’ egg in this area. Read also: The -day Consumer Lead working week for a full-time remuneration: attractive or nonsense? The core of hybrid working I would like to list a few key points of what hybrid working is all about. Because strictly speaking we now have options: We ‘re going all the way back to the office . That is by far the easiest. Of course we will have to get us to how it us to be, but we all have the most experience with this.

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