Although it could take months for the new adjustment to the facebook algorithm to arrive . It is important that the more than 65 million companies prepare because .The real impact is still unknown beyond what facebook itself highlights as. The Israel B2B List decrease in reach, the playback time of the videos. The traffic directed to external pages, etc. All as a consequence of .The way it will work in the new news feed. Using appropriate actions will be .Of the utmost importance since mark Zuckerberg’s social network continues. To consolidate among internet users, according to data from. Internet world stats, the regions with .The highest percentage of facebook users are north America and Latin America with 72.

Although It Could Take Months for the New Adjustment to

3 and 57.3 percent respectively, while Statista dmo estimates that. The penetration in 2018 for mexico will be 41.09 percent. Considering the above, we leave you with some of. The best actions that can be used to improve the presence in the Israel B2B List very .Important news feed from now on, these are:– use videos and streaming as we have already mentioned before. The video has become an indispensable element thanks to the .Engagement it brings. This will be very important to. Appear in people’s news feed, however, it. Is necessary to remember that participation should not be forced by asking people to do so.

Leaving Facebook Is One of the Best Ways to Attract Traffic to

Israel B2B List

This network by taking advantage of other channels such as email or the. Website will be necessary to give a boost to the .Company and impact the Israel B2B List news feed with more visibility. – encourage “see first” among the most basic actions is inviting people to configure the. “See first” option of the pages that follow. It could be said that this is the. Ideal solution to combat adjustment and therefore it is important to invite the audience to generate this action. – manage groups something that the adjustment will bring in the. News feed will be the prioritization of posts from friends, family and groups.

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