Lessons learned What can you as a reader do with this? First of all, it is Norway Phone Number List important that when you involve a (celebrity) endorser with your brand, you realize that it is not just about fame, but that you can also borrow hard-to-build associations, such as likeable, elegant, humor, finesse.  That transfer doesn’t stop on command. We also saw that the damage can be enormous, but Norway Phone Number List also that strong brands are recovering from a scandal, such as Tiger Woods (took a long time) and Derksen (went quite quickly). But also that if you get damaged as a personal brand, you can also do harm to a good cause, as we see with Akwasi and already knew from Lance Armstrong.

Human Characteristics

He will also overcome his slips in the future. We know what Norway Phone Number Derksen has in store for us and that predictability is his strength. You can hardly ask someone to give up their distinctiveness. Although we did not include Wilfred Genee and René van der Gijp or Jan Boskamp in the research, Talpa must realize that with Derksen they have a unique figure in the stable. One that Norway Phone Number List can amply admit its shortcomings and can also take it. He has often spoken out against racism and homophobia, but can still stand the rejections that were his share. Although we don’t know how strong the brand was before the Akwasi-gate, we can reassure that Derksen seems to have a Teflon layer in terms of branding. With a lot of distinctive character.

That Is What People

Norway Phone Number List

Associations at Johan Derksen Let’s start with the most famous Norway Phone Number List brand, Johan Derksen. In Figure 4 we see the strongest association (which more than 15% of the respondents had) provided with the score on direction and uniqueness. Figure 4. Points of Parity and Points of Difference by Johan Derksen. Figure 4. Points of parity and points of difference by Johan Derksen. What Norway Phone Number List is immediately noticeable is that the strongest association, the category of football analysts and presenters, is a PoD. Normally you would expect category associations to be a points of parity because everyone in that category has that association. Johan Derksen, however, is immediately seen as unique in his category.

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