Venezuelan hugo chávez was president of his country from 1999 to 2013. When he died after a battle with cancer. Commander chávez wrote. Venezuelan hugo chávez was. President of his country from 1999 to 2013, when he.Died after a Cuba B2B List battle with cancer. Commander chávez wrote his. Last tweet a month before he died and today his account. Was “resurrected” during the last years of his presidency. Hugo chávez frías understood the power of social networks, especially twitter.

Venezuelan Hugo Chávez Was President of His

Where he wrote daily comments about his government and socialism of the 21st century. Chávez died on march 5, 2013, after two years of fighting. Cancer, the Cuba B2B List type of which was never clarified by him or his team. In it he pointed out that he would. Survive.A month after the death of hugo chávez, after special elections. Nicolás maduro became president of the bolivarian republic .Of venezuela and remains at the forefront and faces even more. Criticism than his predecessor. The presidential term in venezuela is six years .And maduro’s mandate is from 2013 to 2019.

Country From 1999 to 2013, When He Died After a Battle With

Cuba B2B List

Days ago it was announced that the presidential elections will be brought forward and the next april 30. There is still no opposition candidate to Cuba B2B List compete against nicolás maduro. But the government has already begun its electoral strategies. And one of them is to revive comandante chávez. This week the @chavezcandanga account was reactivated. With a photo and a message from hugo chávez. According to. The venezuelan news agency, chavez’s twitter account will. Be managed by the comandante eterno hugo chavez foundation. Which has the function of preserving the thoughts of the late president.

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