You should instantly receive a message to your personal cell phone. Screenshot showing the iOS messages app Now you have a working autoreply to your Twilio number. Select Finish to save the Zap. To recap: Our Twilio number costs $1 per month. Each text-only message costs < $0.01. We haven’t personalized messages or integrated marketing automation tools (yet). Let’s do that now. SET UP YOUR OUTBOUND SMS AUTOMATION In today’s example,

We haven’t personalized messages

I’m setting up SMS automation on my side project, Color My Slime. This is a Shopify store that sells slime color pigments to parents for their kids to play with. To Mexico Phone Number illustrate how you can customize the content of your outbound messages, let’s think about the audience of shoppers looking for slime (the squishy stuff), versus shoppers looking for colors (the powder). Let’s send slime lovers a link to a blog post about slime, and color shoppers a link to an Instagram color naming contest,

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To illustrate how you can

something I run a monthly basis. Screenshot showing an sms thread The green bubble is text from the “slimer” to my publicly available Twilio phone number. The response is our autoreply (“hi slimer!…”) which includes a link to one of our popular blog posts. If you’re curious about how the link and image appeared automatically, this is a relatively new feature in iOS 10 and most Android phones that will automatically expand text links into clickable images.

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