As time goes by and technological evolution accelerates. Digital marketing will continue to gain more relevance; in particular. The actions undertaken on social networks such as snapchat. May be the preferred communication channels by users to General Manager Email List be able. To function among themselves and with companies. Facebook reached more than 2.1 billion users, instagram is about to reach a billion users. Despite being behind in the competition in the sector, twitter is still stable . With 328 million people within it and, finally, snapchat, which has 255 million users. At this time, we will talk about the last of them. When it comes to sharing content, the possibilities offered by snapchat can be very varied. But above all fundamental for visual tactics. In this social network, the publications (whether they are photos or videos) are called “snaps”.

Despite Being Behind in the Competition in the

No one takes away from snapchat being one of the apps that most moved .The field of action of advertisers at this time. Its ephemeral messages and the large number .Of filters set the standard for the development of other social networks especially for facebook. Which increasingly integrates similar mechanisms within .Its different platforms.  At the General Manager Email List moment, the platform has 43 percent of daily active users. Where more than 50 percent are young people between. 17 and 22 years of age;

Being One of the Apps That Most Moved the Field

General Manager Email List

Personalize your profile promoting your account according to your business model will give you .The diversity to form a meaningful community on snapchat. Interact with other snapchat users establishing. The purpose of your account and the tone of communication that you will use from .The beginning enables you to work and increase .The quality of your content simultaneously. Create geofilters to distinguish your business it serves. To General Manager Email List promote your business visually in different locations that users explore through the app . Send private content to build loyalty with your followers sending promotions. Discounts and benefits via private message can be vital to improve the relationship with your followers. As it provides added and exclusive value to the community and consequently builds their loyalty.

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