Since technology became an important part of our daily lives. Its appropriation in different segments has been exponential. Not only one sector benefited from what happened. But many industries knew how to take it up again. In this way. The internet, virtual reality or augmented reality improved their market share. Even in marketing, as an attempt to experiment with .Emerging media, beyond traditional channels. Offering an experience with this type of. Technology became the axis of strategies and brands gave .Way to its use in an ordinary way. Today. The visual, such as video or augmented reality. Have a higher response rate on brand platforms. According to statista. Since 2016, there is an estimated investment by companies .And brands of seven million dollars annually, although a growth of .Up to 37 million dollars per year is expected by 2020. In addition.

Since Technology Became an Important Part of Our Daily Lives

With an estimated 4.3 million sold globally. Thus, specialized brands such as PlayStation, with its VR; HTC, with Vive or Google with Daydream and the Oculus Rift were the pioneers in capitalizing on their efforts in the sector. However, the Buy Namibia WhatsApp Numbers boom occurred with its passage on mobile devices, with apps like Pokemon Go! , which managed to attract the majority of users thanks to its advantages. Data from TechCrunch indicates that mobile Augmented Reality could become the main driver of a market of 108 billion by the year 2021. The above makes it clear that the fusion of the physical and digital world is irresistible for the consumer. One of the reasons Pokemon Go was so successful was that it actually used smartphone technology to get people to interact in the real world.

Even in Marketing, as an Attempt to Experiment With Emerging

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How can this type of technology be used for content strategies? Certainly, augmented reality is rapidly changing the landscape of digital marketing activities, so anticipating it is a priority. Interactive advertising will serve to transport a brand, its products and stories directly into the world of the consumer. You can help create content to enhance the shopping experience, as customers can get all the information they need in one place. When you promote AR content, you help execute a strategy to attract more customers to physical locations. Optimizing customer service, especially when doubts need to be resolved with specific products.

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