Instagram advertising revenue will go from a projected $4.1 billion at the end of  billion during 2019. Last week instagram announced a feature that promises to. Facilitate and speed up the work of brand social media managers as. Well as those influencers who found a way to capitalize on .Their popularity on this social network. The option to schedule organic content offered. To advertisers who use Instagram as a vehicle. To connect with their stakeholders is now available. With this movement, the advertising business of. The social network is expected to grow significantly in the coming months.

Instagram Advertising Revenue Will Go From a Projected

From e marketer they report that the advertising revenue of the platform will go from the 4.100 million dollars projected at the end .Of 2017 to 10,870 million dollars during 2019. For the business of the platform that is now part of the Buy Jordan WhatsApp Numbers facebook empire. The movement is important, as it will have a relevant. Impact on the number of firms -especially speaking of those. Social media management services- that will seek to have a. More solid relationship with Instagram and its new vision much more. Focused on meeting the needs of advertisers. Such is the case of Hootsuite.

Last Week Instagram Announced a Feature That Promises

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With this in mind, we share some basic steps that community managers and professionals in charge of managing the social media presence of brands should consider in order to benefit from this association. Previous steps Thanks to the Hootsuite update, content can now be scheduled on Instagram without the need to authorize the final post from the Instagram platform. It is important to mention that this step only works with posts related to images and text; for videos, a notification to finish publishing is still requested in the Instagram app. To program content from Hootsuite,

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