Is there a way to easily save 20 million in 1 year? Maybe not realized? Can the UMR salary get that much savings? Maybe many of you have thought so.It’s not impossible, the answer is yes. Armed with discipline, you can still set aside your income little by little to save even though your salary is currently low or limited to the UMR. How to save 20 million in 1 year easily?1. Control consumer spendingYou need to know that one of the biggest obstacles to saving is a consumptive lifestyle. Because this unhealthy lifestyle can make a person in debt consumptive.The main strategy that you must deploy in the early stages is to control consumer spending desires.

Develop a saving strategy

In general, there are some simple saving tips that you can follow, namely the 80-20 formula.Allocate 20% of net income Italy Mobile Number List for savings. Meanwhile, the remaining 80% can be used to meet needs.There is also a 50-30-20-10 formula, where 50% of income is for daily needs, while the rest is for investment, savings, snacks or online shopping, and alms.Don’t spend money on whim or for fun. If this happens, you have to go back to getting ready to dig another hole and close the hole again, aka going into debt.2. Develop a saving strategyhow to save 20 millionThe way to save 20 million in the next 1 year is to develop a saving strategy. Consider this as part of the financial targets and ambitions you want to achieve this year.

Use a method that can help you save

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What should be done in developing a savings strategy?Do the detailsMake detailed income, routine expenses, and allocations Consumer Lead for savings, investment or insurance. Use simple saving tips like the example in the previous point if you have never prepared this kind of allocationFor example, your monthly salary is IDR 8 million, with an additional income of IDR 2 million. Allocate at least IDR 2 million for savings, investment or insurance. Bigger, better as long as it’s not less than that number.Check other expenses that can be suppressedFor example, reduce your hanging out budget by IDR 1 million. That way you can allocate IDR 3 million for savings and investment.Keep the commitmentCommitting not to tamper with the number is a step that you must take.

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