The number of snapchat users is now 187 million, a growth of 9 million from the previous quarter. Snap inc. The company behind snapchat .Had a rough patch early last year, but a few days. Ago it seemed to be on the mend and increasing the number of users. According to a report by rbc capital markets. 79 percent of adolescents between the ages of 13 and 18 in the united. States use the snapchat social platform. Which puts the ghost app in the. Lead in that segment, followed by instagram, which is used by 73 percent. And over the past few months. Snapchat has grown again. This week, shares of snap inc. Soared nearly 20 percent .In after- hours stock markets after the company released .Its financial results for last fourth quarter and full year.

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Between October and December, Snap had revenue of $285,693,000 , representing growth of 72 percent. It had no profit and remains at a loss. During the Buy Guatemala WhatsApp Numbers twelve months of 2017, the company had revenues of $824 million, an increase of 104 percent over 2016. Do you want to start investing? These 9 sectors could be the best option to start The number of Snapchat users now stands at 187 million , a growth of 9 million from the previous quarter. Everything seemed to be going well with the app, until its new update “come to spoil the party.”

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And it is that in social networks there were numerous publications against it, they even made the topic a trend . Under the hashtag snapchatupdate, the protests have been present since today at dawn. Even when the figures indicate a good time, the truth is that the power of social networks is so impressive that brands must take care of the conversation that is generated about them and correct their mistakes, otherwise the same thing can happen with Starbucks and its low sales as a result of the boycott generated to promote the sale of Mexican coffee.

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