Nowadays, it is easier than ever to create and upload a website on the web. For this reason, the competition to make your webpage more visible to search engines is incredibly fierce. This is why carrying out a regular SEO audit is essential. Unseen issues with your SEO on and off your website could cause you to lose Finland Phone Number List rankings. It is important to perform a full SEO audit every six months to a year to optimize your website. Please read our detailed guide below for more information on how to do an SEO audit on your site. Tools for an SEO audit There are many paid tools you can use for an SEO audit.

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including AHrefs, SEMrush Site Audit Tool, and Screaming Frog. All of them are excellent and offer a lot of insights into SEO for your website. All of them also offer a free trial version. However, you can perform an audit manually with only the tools that Google gives you. These include Google Analytics Google Search Console Google Page Finland Phone Number Speed ​​Insights Google Structured Data Testing Tool With these tools in hand, it’s time to start your SEO audit. We’ll look at each of the steps you need to take to get the best results. 1. Make sure Google indexes ONE version of your website First, it is extremely important to ensure that Google can only index one version of your website to avoid duplication penalties. Duplicate sites can be easily created because there are several different ways to write a web address.

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There are at least four options you can choose to enter into the browser. If you’re not indexed with Google, you won’t rank on search engine Finland Phone Number List results pages, plain and simple. Use Google itself to see your indexed pages in a live environment. Type into the search engine. It will return a search result only on the pages of your site that are indexed. If it doesn’t return anything, you’re not getting any organic traffic through search engines. Check your robot.txt for any crawl blocks and remove any rogue noindex tags from page headers.

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