Even though the housing market has been booming for several years, 2019 will be a different story…What is happening? Well, last year’s high house prices, low mortgage rates and strong house price growth have tipped the market in favor of Romania Phone Number List sellers and investors. More than likely, it helped you land a lot of great deals for a pretty good profit, but now the “thriving” market is changing. No one expects a housing crisis. but make no mistake, this downturn will shake the market. Here’s what to expect: Limited inventory means there will be more competition for leads. Higher mortgage rates mean more expensive buyers and harder to generate leads.

Your Mindset Should Evolve

And a slight drop in home sales means closing deals may need more incentives. In other words, whatever strategies worked for you in 2018 might not be as effective in 2019. Success in the new market will require more creativity. You will need to be comfortable moving with the market, otherwise you risk the market abandoning you. But don’t be Romania Phone Number List too intimidated. Even if the market will be more difficult than last year, it remains healthy. If anything, it’s a chance for you to show off what you’re made of. It’s an opportunity to stand out from the competition instead of getting discouraged or sticking to the status quo. But it will take a bit of preparation… How to Grow Your Real Estate Business

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Understanding the 2019 Market ‘s real estate forecast for 2019 indicates that it will be a tough year for buyers and sellers. Buyers face rising mortgage rates and more expensive monthly payments (about 8% more expensive). This will keep a number of potential first-time home buyers off the market. Sellers and investors don’t have it much easier. There will be Romania Phone Number List a lot more competition and you probably won’t be able to close deals that easily. Selling will take longer and might even require incentives such as price cuts. Bidding wars are also quite unlikely as inventory will be limited. Remember that the market is still healthy, it’s just a little more difficult than before. If you set competitive prices, use incentives, and get creative when it comes to generating leads, you can always thrive.

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