Backlinks are links from other sites. We can find backlinks to your competitor site through or ahrefs. is a paid tool, but there is a limited version for 7 days free-day plan is 45 TL. Let’s be careful to use virtual cards when buying. They can take automatic payment.

On the screen, we write our competitor Colombia Phone Numbers site address for backlink analysis. Then we click on “Referring Domains”, that is, reference domains. As can be seen in the picture, the relevant site received links from 42 different sites. We’re going down.

Here are the backlinks that the competitor site has received. I scribbled it because the site address is mine .

Advertising With Facebook

The competitor site received backlinks from 21 different sites for the word “side job”. I scribbled again. Let’s list what we know so far.

The simplest thing to do is as follows. Identify 5 of the 42 related sites. Then list the backlinked words. That’s “additional work”. You can try to get backlinks containing the words we have determined from these 5 sites periodically within 1 month. In the following months, you can continue this process periodically. In this way, we will get the backlinks from the competitor site.

Colombia Phone Numbers

Source Traffic Analysis 

Looking at myself as a competitor, one of the first things I should do is focus on social media and r10,

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