For a business, whatever its type, one of the most important challenges is to understand how the customer interacts with your brand. The shopping experience has taken on a very special role in this digital age. Knowing the Customer Journey of said client can make a difference. The competition in almost all sectors is such that it is almost mandatory to know why a customer prefers or rejects your product It will be precisely this Customer Journey that will give you the clues to find out what you expect from your business, shall we see what it is about? Steps to understand the Customer Journey What is the customer journey? Definition and what it is for Why is it so important to be clear about your customer journey?

What is the customer journey

The phases of the customer journey How to create a customer journey map for the potential customer of your ecommerc How to improve Cambodia Phone Number Customer Journey once created? If we translate it into Spanish, the customer journey is the “consumer journey” or purchasing process. → It is the experience that the customer has from the moment before the purchase until after it. Here all kinds of factors come into play: motivations for seeking to satisfy a need, researching and considering the alternatives that exist halfway, etc.

Why is it so important to be clear

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Understanding each of the details that are part of the customer purchase process is vital . It is convenient to stop to study them and analyze them calmly to detect possible behavior or strategies that we were Consumer Lead treating in the wrong way. The so-called “touch points” are the channels through which your client is interacting with the brand. This point allows you to understand where the experience is satisfactory and where you need to improve and dedicate more resources. If you understand the stages of the process and implement the necessary improvements to adapt to them, you generate empathy to establish an optimal relationship.

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