A facebook page is essential to provide information to VP Facility Manager Email Lists the public that follows you. Brands and companies have channeled their digital path through this means, because being .The most used social media platform in the world, it is the perfect mechanism .To keep in touch with customers through digital attention. However. When you want to go further between that same online service window. The guideline is fair because despite the fact that social networks are active all the time. You cannot leave someone in charge in the VP Facility Manager Email Lists same range. Thus, the strategies to maintain and retain new customers the answer has been seen in a chatbot.

How Can You Create a Chatbot for a Brand

which Facebook allows you to have. Until the end of 2017, Messenger revealed that it had 60 million bots from brands, organizations and even government accounts. On the other hand, data from Statista reports that brands invested more than a VP Facility Manager Email Lists billion dollars (1,250) in artificial intelligence in 2017, which shows proof that many current digital actions are guided by the programmatic model. In addition, they are a source to be in during vacation times and seasonal parties, since Sprout Social suggests that since 2015, the trend to receive a greater number of messages occurs in periods such as Christmas,

Use the Zapier Platform to Link With Chatfuel

VP Facility Manager Email Lists

with an average of 30 percent more messages. More than a hobby: the self-made musician Artificial intelligence will help you answer specific questions and provide suggestions automatically. The key is to establish a configuration according to the specific profile and needs of each business. To obtain a way to provide personalized attention in real time, answer questions at any time of the day and offer basic attention without having to pay a person, you must follow these steps:

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