It is a good idea to terminate the SSL handshake at a network edge device for many reasons.

It is faster
You can make changes on the fly
Easy maintenance
LB Managed SSL/TLS Hardening
Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is fantastic , and I use it for Geek Flare and love it. GCP offers many cloud solutions including load balancer.

There are three types of load balancers available, and if you are hosting web-based applications, the HTTP(S) type is recommended .

Let’s take a look at how to implement SSL Certificate in Google Cloud HTTP(S) Load Balancer.

For this exercise, I will use my lab domain ( to forward traffic to the compute engine (Nginx) VM via LB.



I assume you already have the following ready

China Phone Number

Running web server
HTTP(S)LB with port 80
Implementing Certificate on Google Cloud LB
Sign in to Google Cloud >> Network Services >> Load Balancing ( direct link )
Click edit for the respective LB
Go to Interface Settings >> Add Interface IP and Port
Select the protocol as HTTPS
I left the IP as ephemeral, but on a production system it is recommended to have a static one
Certificate drop-down and click “Create a new certificate”.
It will show you another window where you can enter chain, public and private key certificate .

Enter the necessary information when prompted
You will notice that a key and CSR file have been cSR to a certification authority for signing. I am using Let’s encrypt to sign my certificate and have entered those details and clicked “create”.

There are more FREE SSL Certificate provider if you want to explore.


Click Done and then Update


Let’s get the interface IP details by China Phone Number expanding the LB

Now you have to update your domain A record to point the load balancer’s IP to the domain registrar. Once done, try to access your URL with https, and it should work.

This concludes The SSL handshake for is canceled on the load balancer .

Google Cloud takes care of the necessary SSL/TLS hardening to make sure you’re not exposed to known protocol, encrypt vulnerabilities. I took a test at SSL Labs and got A rating .

I hope this quick guide will help you to enable SSL in Google LB for your domain.

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