Percent of mexican consumers have used a geolocation application from their mobile devices. Geolocation services have become one of the .Most used resources by users around. In mexico alone. Application of this nature from their mobile devices. According to figures provided by the merca2. 0 research department .If we consider that this trend is replicated internationally.

por la firma AlphaBeta, documento que revela de manera

It is not surprising that, as indicated by the conclusions of the “2016 us mobile app report” . Prepared by comscore, among the fastest growing applications in the us market during june 2014.And june as of 2016, waze, uber and lyft were found. All related whose operation is based on real time geolocation  lebanon email database systems. Until 2015 geolocation-based data ranked as the main .Source for big data solutions, according to .Data from statista in addition to becoming a great ally for the .User in his eagerness to facilitate his daily activities using new technologies. The truth is that this type of system has become a silent engine for optimizing some value.

Until 2015, Geolocation-based Data Ranked as the Main Source

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A document that reveals in a timely manner what is the impact that digital .Maps and other geolocation systems have on the economy.  percent . Which translates into savings of 33 liters of gasoline and 505 pesos per user per year. ( 168 billion pesos for all subscribers). It is 36 percent easier for users to find services and centers to attend to a .Medical or security emergency. Geolocation services in latin america generate revenues .Of 336 billion pesos thanks to the fact that the 13 most. Important apps in the region use these systems. On the continent, 1,869 million pesos in sales .Users now have used related apps .

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