The concept of social networks is something relatively new. Its rise, particularly that of Facebook, began in the mid-2000s. Currently, its usefulness is something that has almost universally penetrated people and has become part of almost all aspects of our lives. daily life. In sectors such as the media, marketing, advertising, journalism and many other areas, the ways of acting with respect to users have been changed by the same platforms. Starting in 2011, the total list of users started to grow very fast. According to reports from Facebook, the number of people who created an account grew by at least 70 percent. Thus, at the time of going digital,

In Sectors Such as the Media, Marketing, Advertising.

this became a measurable part of the marketing strategies that were carried out. At first, it started with a simple list of people using some social networks, then it grew to sri lanka mobile number database include digital services on platforms such as Amazon, Google, eBay, Netflix or Spotify and then the focus was on social and digital properties. Getting to compete in this sector can be difficult. The social media market has focused its attention on the path to profitability. In 2009, Facebook took the first step with the deployment of business pages,

Getting to compete in this sector can be difficult The

sri lanka mobile number database

which offered a new way to promote themselves among users, which gave them a different interaction space than Internet pages. quickly becoming a second website for the companies. The young CEO the precocious taxidermist Since social platforms play an important role for brands. The new promotion format helped to find a great statistic to act according to. The trend of immediacy. According to Expanded Ramblings, there are more than 65 million company pages on Facebook, which stem from this need to present some innovative options to give information about the work they do, in addition to serving the needs of digital customers. How they use social networks:

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