Most CMOs know exactly what they are looking for when hiring marketers. Creative problem solving. Original vision. Leadership, perseverance, some grit. A mind brimming with brilliance. And, of course, skills and experience in the UAE Phone Number area you are hiring for. Great. What you want is clear. But, as every marketing manager and CMO knows, actually finding those talented marketers isn’t easy. Those who have that coveted combination of passion, a growth mindset and skill are usually already hard at work for another organization and highly valued. Or are they? The assumption that the UAE Phone Number right talent isn’t out there is limiting – and unrealistic. Talented marketers are hardly needles in a haystack. If you want them on your team, you have to know where to find them.

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You may have more talent at your disposal than you realize. You only need to invest more in training and developing your staff. When addressing the UAE Phone Number lack of talent problem a few years ago, Peter Cappelli, the director of The Wharton School’s Center for Human Resources noted, “… many companies simply don’t believe their own workers have the necessary skills to take on new roles. But… many workers could step into those jobs with a bit of training.” What can CMOs start doing to help upskill their current marketers? Create a mentor program – establish what training and upskilling goals are important and then match mentors with mentees to reach those goals. A simple two or three hours a week, bi-monthly or once a month of mentoring/training – within your organization – is a cost-effective, fruitful way of helping your current marketers grow and thrive professionally.

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Image source Invest in training programs for your employees to help them get the skills you need on your UAE Phone Number team. This will cost much less than recruiting and onboarding new employees. Send individuals to marketing conferences for in-depth sessions on specific areas of marketing and to keep your team up-to-date on best practices and trends. And to motivate. See how inspired your marketers are after returning from one of the top conferences. Set up ‘growth’ meetings with staff. Talk to your employees about what areas they want to improve and what their goals are to improve their marketing skills. Then work together to find a solution, whether it’s a training session, an online course or putting them on a particular project. This type of interaction will also help to keep your team more engaged. More importantly, it gives you a clearer idea of each individual’s innate talents.

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