The flagship concept is one of the strategies that has worked best for marketing, as it helps to propose a different experience for consumers, who see in it the China B2B List possibility of having something fun about their preferred brands. From having a retail store to a large brand already established in the market, it is necessary to use as many tools as possible to be able to encourage interaction with users. In addition, one of the most usable trends today is personalization and the shopping experience at the point of sale, whether it is physical or online. A flagship meets these characteristics. According to Statista, stores of this type went from just over 950 in 2016 to 1,104 at the end of 2017, which represents growth of just over 10 percent annually. The same thing happens in different markets. In 2016, there were about 399 flagship supermarkets in China and it grew more than 60 percent from the previous year.

The Flagship Concept Is One of the Strategies That

Another of the names it has is experiential stores, they are representative for. Retailers when they execute promotion and image strategies. Since their objective goes beyond selling products. Why does a flagship store help an experience marketing strategy. Experiential marketing seeks to offer moments to the customer. The purpose of it is to have a China B2B List connection that makes .Them feel connected to the brand, in addition to generating. Loyalty with the company this type of action allows. A flagship store to fulfill this task. The reason for the above is. That its structure implements certain elements, especially visual ones. That make it stand out from other formats. Now, when you have a store of this type.

From Having a Retail Store to a Large Brand Already

China B2B List

It makes the customer have a different shopping experience and it can be maximized. So that the customer feels more comfortable, identifies with the brand. And can bring into play all the senses that contribute to improving that experience. Same experience. Brands today have different guidelines that. They need to think about. From the quality of the China B2B List products to the prices they manage but the trend is focusing on the experience. When this is more personalized and manages .To connect with the client on another emotional level, you will be able to. Position yourself in a better way.

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